Prof. Eugen Gomringer about Ina von Jan's Work:

… The very fact that it seems necessary to point out this troubled acceptance of Concrete Art at all is something that speaks strongly in favour of Ina von Jan’s pictures. It stands in patent contrast to the unswerving continuity with which the artist has worked on the development of Concrete Art for the past twenty years, (…) something which bodes well for the future potential of a movement currently undergoing renewal and further development. (…) [It was] Rudolf Ortner, that exemplary figure, architect and painter, together with his influential doctrines that were to later become especially discernable in the art of Ina von Jan. Ortner, in turn, drew on his studies at the Bauhaus and his acquaintance with Kandinsky and Mies van der Rohe. Hence, it was here that one of the most far-reaching directions in Concrete Art was foreordained…

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Ina von Jan about her Work:


My interest centres primarily on the exploration of colour, namely, on the various modalities of its perception, its effects together with its luminosity and intensity in various arrangements and inversions.


It is with the energy of colour, its autonomy and its facility as a universal language – liberated from the burden of all such content as critique, violence, and symbolism – that I endeavour to move people and to bring them together. Every human being, irrespective of nation and culture is capable of beholding the language of colour in and for itself, and is thus capable of grasping its sustaining potential. Thus, I personally find that the colour yellow signifies freedom, tolerance,   individual evolvement and happiness. Yellow, embodies powerful and positive energy for all people, much like the sun which floods all of us equally, throughout the world, with warmth and life...


... The juxtaposition of UV-light – an especially entertaining part of sunlight – and daylight in my series of works entitled “compositions of light“, demonstrates just how potent is the perception of the colour in each of the light types used.


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